Building a Tesla Supercharger at Warp Speed [Video]

If you owned an electric vehicle four or five years ago, the idea of driving said EV across the US was an impossibly tedious proposition. However, thanks to the expansive roll out of the Tesla Supercharger network, your trip can now be measured in hours and days, rather than eons and epochs. So what actually goes into building one of these Tesla power stations? Well, see for yourself. Electric Conduit Construction produced this time-lapse video to show how quickly one of these stations can pop up – this one, located in Goodland, Kansas. RELATED: See Photos of the 2014 Vorsteiner Tesla Model S P85
Currently, 105 Supercharger locations across North America allow Tesla owners to go coast-to-coast and state-to-state with reasonable convenience. Sites are situated conveniently on well-traveled routes and in dozens of major cities. According to Tesla, the Superchargers provide a half charge for a Model S battery in only 20 minutes, with upwards of 170 miles of range after 30 minutes plugged in. Impressively, Tesla plans to reach 80 percent of the US population by the end of 2014 and a staggering 98 percent through 2015. It’s also free to use. RELATED:See Photos of the Upcoming 2015 Tesla Model X SUV