Police Aren't Impressed by This Guy’s Maserati Cop Car

“Is that a Maserati cop car? Quick pull over,” said no one, ever. We’d like to think that most North American drivers would see a done-up Maserati police cruiser, laugh it off, and keep going. But police in Massachusetts weren’t so impressed. According to the Patriot Ledger, officer Blake Holt of the Braintree Police Department pulled up behind what appeared to be another police car on Saturday, until he realized he “didn’t know of any (police) departments that had a Maserati.” Holt turned on his lights and pulled over the 2010 GranTurismo, which he described was “made to look like a police cruiser.” RELATED: See Photos of the 2014 Maserati GranTurismo Stradale Complete with the ubiquitous black-and-white paint scheme, police-style lettering, and decals – it fits the bill at first glance. But upon closer observation, the side reads “Decepticons: Punish and Enslave,” which is hardly a convincing interim for the typical ‘Protect and Serve’ slogan. The driver of the Maserati, who remains unnamed, reportedly told Holt that he believed he was helping the police “because other drivers noticed him and slowed down.” He might want to find a better excuse when he goes to court. RELATED: See Photos of the all-new 2014 Maserati Ghibli Via: Jalopnik