Jay Leno Test Drives Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire [Video]

To the hardened Harley-Davidson devotee, an electric motorcycle will never match up to Harley’s more conventional V-twin cruisers. But that hasn’t stopped America’s signature bike builder from dabbling in electric-drive. Jay Leno took a ride on Harley’s latest creation, an all-electric motorcycle dubbed Project LiveWire. It’s safe to say that the funnyman and renowned bike-aholic was bitten by the EV bug. RELATED: See Photos of the 2014 Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire
Visually speaking, it’s hardly what you’d call a minger. The LiveWire blends traditional Harley-Davidson styling – in the same vein as the Sportster – with new age looks. If you’re not won over by the design, here’s some numbers for thought. Zero to 60mph takes less than four seconds, with top speed pegged at 92mph. Impressively, the frame weighs only 14 pounds and the motorcycle tips the scales at only 463 lbs. Range for this demo version hovers around 59 miles, though the bike’s regenerative braking could flux these numbers a bit. If it passes the critical eye of Jay Leno, it should be good enough for you. RELATED: See Photos of the 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle