Racer Drives his Opel Hatchback Beyond the Limit [Video]

Front-wheel drive cars have gained a bad rap for being slow, plebeian econo-boxes. Someone should have told this guy. Meet Rafal Pochlopien, a Polish hill climb driver and owner of a bright red Opel Astra GSi, which he looks to be wringing-out within an inch of its life. The footage seen below comes from last year’s Polish Hillclimb Championship, and frankly we could watch it on repeat all day. In the two-minute clip, Pochlopien spends more time on three wheels than on four, and judging by the sound of that screaming engine – he’s got his foot squarely planted to the floor. RELATED: See Photos of the 2013 Opel Adam
RELATED: See Photos of Ken Block's 2014 Ford Fiesta RS Hatchback We know what you’re thinking, “This thing has got to be putting 300hp to the front wheels.” That much is unknown, though some of the comments seem to suggest Pochlopien is running in the event’s Group N ‘Showroom Class’ for minimally modified vehicles, which means his early ‘90s Astra GSi likely still contains its 2.0-liter four-banger (originally chucking out 150-horsepower). Imagine showing up in a Ferrari only to get beaten by a guy in a tiny hatchback. Who needs four wheels anyway? RELATED: See Photos of the all-new 2015 Ford Focus Hatchback