Bugatti has opened what might just be the ultimate gearhead’s den in London. At least, the ultimate den for gearheads with a few million free. Because it’s actually a dealership. Indeed, the only dealership in the U.K. where it will be possible to buy a Chiron.

Located in the ultra-exclusive Berkley Square area of Mayfair, it’s run by luxury car specialist H.R. Owen, which has been the only authorized Bugatti dealer in the U.K. since 2006.

And it’s one of the most successful Bugatti dealers. 65 Veyrons were sold in the U.K. and 15 orders have already been taken for the Chiron. Brand Director Anita Kriszan is thought to be the most prolific Bugatti salesperson in the world, as well, once selling 11 Veyrons in a single year (imagine the commission!).


Bugatti UK showroom


Bugatti blue features heavily in the new showroom, which is filled with art installations and sculptures – including the above gorgeous 1:8 scale model of the Chiron by Amalgam that sells for $10,160 (and is sold out) – celebrating the marque’s heritage, and furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection including armchairs made from carbon fiber and upholstered with the same leather used in the cars.

Anita Krizsan said, “The Chiron is the greatest car in the world, and it is only right that it has a showroom that reflects that. We aim to deliver the most exclusive, most luxurious and most bespoke service of any car dealership in the world.”

Rather different from the experience at your local megadealer, then.

Gallery: Bugatti UK showroom

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