Along with an investment of €700 million (almost $770M).

A few months ago, Porsche announced the arrival of the Mission E will require the creation of more than 1,000 jobs. That number has now increased to more than 1,400 people that will be hired in the Stuttgart area to work on the car’s development and production. The plan also involves hiring more than 100 IT specialists, along with production planners, and additional apprentices.

Compared to 2010, Porsche has doubled its workforce to 26,200 people at the end of June and it will continue to boost its employee count in the years to come. You can imagine many people would like to work for the company, with Porsche receiving more than 140,000 job applications every year. The company goes on to specify that 7,500 of these requests are for the 220 apprenticeship positions, so competition is fierce, to say the least.

Besides expanding its workforce, Porsche is also investing €700 million to prepare the Mission E and some of the money will be used to open a new assembly plant and a paint shop. In addition, the body shop and engine factory are set to be expanded while the Weissach development center where the car is being engineered will also receive some of the funds.

As for the Mission E, it is codenamed “J1” and we already know the production version will retain most of the concept’s design and specifications. It will enter production in Zuffenhausen at the end of the decade with a newly developed pure electric powertrain developing in excess of 600 horsepower (440 kilowatts) channeled to both axles. Porsche said the concept can run to 62 mph (100 kph) in just three and a half seconds, so the production version should be properly quick.

Riding on a bespoke platform, the Porsche EV is going to have enough battery juice to last for more than 330 miles (531 kilometers) and will likely feature the concept’s Porsche Turbo Charging system. If that will be the case, recharging the battery pack to an 80-percent level will take around 15 minutes and will give the Mission E enough energy for a range of 248 miles (400 km).

With plenty of power, adequate range, and a stunning design, the Mission E has all the right ingredients to become another hit for Porsche and go head to head with Tesla.

Source: Porsche

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