Police Shoot at Runaway Drunken Truck Driver in Belarus [Video]

A bottle and a half of vodka. It's enough to get an entire sorority all riled up, or enough to make one truck driver lose his freakin' mind. In Belarus, this semi operator took down that much vodka while transporting a dozen new Fords. And that is when things get interesting.

We were surprised to learn that this scene did not take place in Russia, but it is still Eastern Europe. According to Intex-Press, the local authorities were alerted about the truck after it caused several accidents. But when the fuzz caught up with the driver, the incident was far from over:

In the end, it took 80 rounds of bullets, on a chase that lasted 93 miles. Dozens of police officers were involved in the chase, and more than a few patrol cars. Eventually the situation was brought to an end, and the driver is now facing multiple charges. They may not be fast or terribly agile, but the tractor-trailer is quite a formidable getaway vehicle.