Custom Built Toyota Corolla Has A Big V8 and No Style [Video]

What do you get when you mix a 1975 Toyota Corolla, with a Lexus V8, and SC400 suspension components? You get a car that has absolutely no style. Seriously, that’s what Mark Still calls his custom creation, the “No Style” Corolla, although, we’d have to argue that one. With a long career in Hollywood movie car fabrication, Mark Still built his custom Corolla with one purpose in mind — hill climbing. Using the suspension from a Lexus SC400 along with a Lexus V8, Still has put over 4,000 hours of work into this creation, and says that it puts out between 300-400 horsepower. RELATED: See Photos of the 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S It's a stunning machine. And luckily enough, The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah recently spent some time behind the wheel of this style-less Corolla to see how this function over form design did on some twisty mountain roads. Watch it here:
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