Tesla CEO Elon Musk to Cameo on an Episode of The Simpsons

“You know you’re famous when you get featured on the Simpsons.” That’s what the Tesla Motors blog read after CEO Elon Musk was referenced on an episode of The Simpsons, earlier this year. And now it appears the electric car entrepreneur will make an official voiced cameo in Fox’s long-running animated sitcom, set to air on January 11, 2015. Producer Al Jean revealed at Comic-Con, and subsequently on Twitter, that Musk will star as himself in the upcoming episode “The Musk Who Fell From Earth.” RELATED: See Photos of the upcoming 2015 Tesla Model X SUV According to Jean, the episode will hinge around a battle between Mr. Burns – the wealthy owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant – and Musk. The specifics of that tussle? We’re not sure, but one can expect the penny-pinching Burns to end up with egg on his face. Tune in to watch Season 26 of The Simpsons when it arrives on September 28. RELATED: See Photos of the high-performance 2014 Saleen Tesla Model S