Rebooted "Mad Max" Trailer is Here, and It Looks Epic [video]

He has gone my man names. Max. Mad Max. The Road Warrior. In addition to being the catalyst in Mel Gibson’s career, Mad Max was a defining movie for the independent film genre, and the robust Australian motoring culture. We’re pleased to say, Max is back.

Any die hard lover of a particular movie would become skeptical when said film or franchise is rebooted or given another sequel, and with good reason. From Indiana Jones to Star Wars (OK, so we’re trashing on Spielberg and Lucas here, but can you blame us?), sequels have the chance to ruin a franchise. After watching this trailer for the upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road, we’re convinced the Mad Max franchise is still in good hands:

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It’s got everything! Evil dune buggies, insane-looking baddies, and–of course– the iconic Ford Falcon XB GT “Interceptor” Coupe.

Rebooted "Mad Max" Trailer is Here, and It Looks Epic [video]

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With George Miller, creator of the original Mad Max franchise, at the helm, the film looks spot-on. The choice of Tom Hardy is a great one as Max, and the aesthetic of the desert people, cobbled together post-apocalyptic vehicles and wild outfits has us waiting with bated breath for the film’s 2015 release.