2015 Dodge Viper Gets Minor Power Increase, Other Updates

Dodge has gone mad with power. No, they have not taken political office and begun to abuse bureaucratic powers. They have just gone nuts with the ability to crank power power out of their vehicles than ever before.

The darling of the muscle car world this summer has been the 707-horsepower Challenger Hellcat, which is being followed up with a Charger Hellcat, set to deliver the same 707 horses. But are we missing something? Is someone feeling left out?

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The engineers that develop the Dodge Viper must have felt slighted because they have bumped the power of the 2015 Viper’s V10- from 640 up to 645. This kind of power is not noticeable, even to the most refined automotive palette. But it is one of many updates to the Viper for 2015.

2015 Dodge Viper Gets Minor Power Increase, Other Updates

Torque remains the same, but, if you noticed from the previous paragraph, the name changes back to Dodge Viper, as SRT is disbanded as a standalone brand. Rather, models will get SRT trims, which falls back in line with Dodge and Chrysler’s earlier naming conventions. 

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SRT CEO (and one of Detroit’s best enthusiast/executives) loses his seat in charge of SRT, but remains Senior VP of Product Design, as well as President and CEO of Dodge Motorsports. It is safe to say Gilles’ car-guy ways will make their way into future products, such as a Dodge Dart SRT, and the other updates that the 2015 Dodge Viper will have in store.