Tumbleweed Will Build Your Ultimate Mobile Cabin

So you say you wan’t to live in a quaint little house that would make the cast of Portlandia passive aggressive with jealousy? But you also want that Seattle-loathing smug Portland lifestyle on the move? The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has the answer to your desire for a minute mobile cabin of epic quaintness. 

Tumbleweed specializes in these small cabins that are able to be transported around via truck. The company can build you a small mobile home that is ready to go from the factory, or they can provide plans for your to build one on your own.

Tumbleweed Will Build Your Ultimate Mobile Cabin

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If you wish to have Tumbleweed build the cabin for you, the turn-key, road-legal, trailerable homes start at $57,000 and the price can obviously go up from there with personal touches. The homes can also be installed permanently on a property– for a price of course. 

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Tumbleweed Will Build Your Ultimate Mobile Cabin

Think about it- if your entire wardrobe is plaid, flannel and skinny jeans; if your ownership of a vinyl record player is ironic; if you use the term “organic” and “free-range” without sarcasm– the Tumbleweed is your utopian hipster enclave on-the-go.

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