BMW M3 Takes On Alpina D3 Diesel — But Which is Better? [Video]

For a long time, Alpina has been the tuner alternative to the likes of BMW’s M performance line. They might not always be as powerful or precise, says some, but they put up enough of a fight to get customers thinking otherwise. The latest battle of the Bimmers comes in the form of the new BMW M3 vs. the Alpina D3 diesel. Both share the new 3 Series platform, but while the M3 is refined in-house, the Alpina gets its fix from the famed tuner. PHOTOS: See More of the 2014 Alpina BMW D3 Biturbo The BMW M3 weighs in with a 425 horsepower six-cylinder twin-turbo, while the Alpina D3 utilizes a twin-turbo diesel six with 345 horsepower. It’s a worthy battle indeed; but the question rages on, gasoline or diesel? Watch the video below and decide for yourself:
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