This Kubota Chariot is the Strangest Dragster We’ve Ever Seen [Video]

There aren’t enough descriptors in the world to accurately sum up this vehicle. Is it a front-wheel drive farm-built dragster, or perhaps a Kubota-powered chariot? We like the sound of the ‘Kubota Chariot,’ and judging by the video – so does the announcer. Regardless, the highly unsafe chariot pulled up to the line in Thailand against a diesel-powered Mitsubishi pickup truck. With the help of two guys standing on either side, the chariot smoked its tires, albeit not as enthusiastically as the pickup, but that didn’t matter in the end. On a side note, the battery box on the front of the contraption reads ‘World Class Technology.’ We couldn’t agree more. VIDEO: Watch a Mustang Cobra Jet Dragster Wheelie and Crash
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