Dan Bilzerian Now Owns a Mercedes 6X6, Of Course

Spend enough time on this or any other automotive site, and you’re bound to learn about the Mercedes-Benz G63 6x6 monster luxury SUV. What we thought would be a one-off creation has actually spawned many aftermarket variants, including the one you see below.

Mercedes-Benz built 100 versions of the 6x6, which has five differentials and a three-ton towing capacity. Brabus tuned this version of the apocalypse-ready Mercedes-Benz G-Class luxury SUV. According to MotorWard, this particular 6x6 has been prepped for millionaire poker player Dan Bilzerian. 

Dan Bilzerian Now Owns a Mercedes 6X6, Of Course

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The main body of the 6x6 is white, but features a wealth of carbon fiber accents, such as hood scoop, fender flares and side mirrors. The mesh grille flanks the Brabus “B” logo in place of the Mercedes-Benz tri-point. 

Dan Bilzerian Now Owns a Mercedes 6X6, Of Course

Inside, this 6x6 features a unique hexagon stitch pattern that is found on the seats, floor mats, armrests and more. Under the hood, Bilzerman’s 6x6 received the standard Brabus tune, good for 700 horsepower.

So next time the poker player tells his friends that he has a big-ass truck– you know he isn’t bluffing!

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