A Record 40 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2014– Feds Want More

If it seems like auto recalls are on the rise– you’d be correct. 2014 marks the year that the auto industry recalled more cars than any other year in the history of the automobile. And according to reports, the government is looking to ratchet that up. So what does that mean for the consumer, as well as the industry?

The report below comes from WKMG in Orlando, delivering this news on the heels of a massive Chrysler recall yesterday of 800,000 Jeep SUVs. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there have been 40 million recalls issued– more than any other year. Here is what the local Orlando news team had to say about it:

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So Joshua Donlan is responsive to the recall notices, but is everyone like this? Like “voter fatigue,” there is the very good chance that man car owners are just fed up with hearing about recalls, and might even ignore it when once is mailed to their homes. And this issue might only get worse.

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According to a report from The Detroit News, the Obama Administration wants to bestow the NHTSA with more authority to get cars off the road that are deemed unsafe. Others in congress want to give the safety organization a larger budget to hire more investigators.

A Record 40 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2014– Feds Want More

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There are a number of issues that arise from this. One is that the automakers need to build vehicles that are not defective from the start. Should automakers share components across multiple vehicles? It lowers costs, but when that part is defective, it impacts more vehicles. Then there is the question of just what is the threshold for recalling a vehicle? It is truly awful that people have died from defective vehicles, but if this year is any indicator, the recalls could increase to the point where it could conceivably grind the auto industry to a halt– locked in constant damage control. Only time will tell how this takes shape.

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