Which is Better: A Pretty GT86 or a Supercharged GT86? [video]

The Toyota GT86 – Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ for us in the states – is hands-down one of the best handling rear-drive sports cars available to normal people like you and I. But ask any owner what they’d like to change about it and you can almost always guarantee their answer – more horsepower. So the UK’s Car Throttle set out to test just whether sheer grunt is the necessary fix for Toyota’s two-door runabout, and…uh…it is. RELATED: Check out photos of the 2013 Toyota GT86 TRD Cup Edition
In the video above, the team pitted a TRD-tuned (Toyota Racing Development) GT86 against one fettled by HKS. The TRD car slaps on meatier tires, bigger brakes, a more aggressive aero package, and a free-flowing exhaust, however power remains the same as the standard version. As such, straight-line performance allegedly dips a bit compared to the normal car. For nearly the same price – around $11,000 – the HKS GT86 includes similar sticky rubber but also a supercharger, which boosts the boxer engine’s output up to 270-horsepower and 215 lb-ft of torque. Sprints from 0-60mph take just 5.5 seconds compared to the standard car’s 7.4s, and top speed has jumped to an impressive 150mph. Which do you prefer? Keep it in-house with TRD or go tuner-crazy with HKS? VIDEO: Watch a Toyota GT86 Turbo face off against a McLaren MP4-12C