Restored Iconic Land Rover Celebrated at UK Style Event

There are few 4x4 vehicles that car enthusiasts revere more than a Land Rover. It has all the trappings of classic British charm, mixed with heaps of off-road credibility and a long history of service the world over. Perhaps that is why some of the UK’s preeminent customizers took to restoring one.

Surprisingly, less than 40,000 Series I Land Rovers were built. We often mistakenly call these vehicles Defenders, but they are simply called the Series I. To be fair, they were indeed the father of the Defender. This particular 1956 Series I was featured on the British show “For the Love of Cars,” wherein hosts Philip Glenister and Ant Anstead found it in a barn and proceeded to restore it.

Restored Iconic Land Rover Celebrated at UK Style Event

Once restored, the vehicle was bought by another big name in UK motoring; Afzul Kahn. We have featured many of his cleverly customized Land Rovers and BMWs here in the past, and Kahn is partnering with Anstead on a new line of retro-inspired vehicles. This Series I is certainly one of the inspirations. 

Though the Defenders, which followed the Series I, featured robust V8 engines, the Series I had a modest 1.6-liter engine, cloth roof and other spartan accommodations. This particular vehicle was featured this past weekend at the UK’s Salute to Style at the Hurlingham Club in London. With a look that would go on to define the Land Rover brand, we certainly think it is a worthy vehicle for the event.

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