The Airstream vs. The VW Campervan: The Ultimate Camper?

The Airstream and the VW Campervan — the two are icons of American motoring, but for their own unique reasons. The VW Campervan was the preferred method of transit during the height of “Free Love” – if you couldn’t fit your few into a Beetle. Meanwhile, the Airstream camper trailer fit more with the hyper-sterile image of the 1950s image motoring culture. Together, they helped the masses explore our great nation.

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This infographic, created for Tower Insurance, chronicles the development and history of both the Airstream and the Campervan. It provides some great nuggets, like the fact that 65% of Airstreams are still on the road, and the company continues to produce the retro camping trailers today. How about the most expensive VW Campervan ever sold? It was a 23-window Samba variant, which sold for an impressive $217,800. 

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Want to know more about these two iconic campers? Check out the rest of the infographic below:

The Airstream vs. The VW Campervan: The Ultimate Camper?