Dashcam Footage Saved a Canadian Man from Insurance Fraud

Nobody plans to have catastrophic engine failure, much like no one plans to get in a car accident, or so you might think. Car insurance scams have become a popular way for some drivers to make a quick buck on unsuspecting motorists, but something as simple as an $80 dashcam saved one Canadian man from a heavy payout. Craig Schneider was making his way out of a McDonalds parking lot in Ontario, Canada, when the pickup truck ahead of him threw it in reverse and backed into him. Upon hearing the crunch, the two men in the pickup hopped out and according to Schneider, “started screaming at me and saying I wasn’t paying attention and saying I had to pay for the damage.”
VIDEO: These three girls turned their car's dashcam in to a steamy dance cam. After inspecting the damage, Schneider claims he exchanged cell phone numbers with both of the men and all parties went on their separate ways. Luckily for Schneider, the whole episode was captured on his dashcam. About five minutes after the men left, Schneider received a phone call from one of their cell phone numbers, claiming to be the cops. “But they sounded exactly the same. I even recognized their voices,” he said. "It's just ludicrous." After the caller refused to reveal his name or badge number, Schneider hung up. He contacted the actual police, but surprisingly the department couldn’t cuff the scammers. “Through discussion with our traffic unit and upon review of the YouTube video the Hamilton Police do not have enough information with regards to the totality of the incident and are not in a position to comment on it,” commented a spokeswoman for the Hamilton Police. VIDEO: Check out this compilation of Russian road-rage accidents Source: CBC