Child Parks Go-Kart Like a Boss [video]

If you are into cars and own a vehicle with a handbrake, then at some point, you’ve probably contemplated a little stunt driving maneuvers. From pulling a 180 to pulling up on a “J-turn” (reverse E-brake turn), these all seem possible if given enough time and an empty parking lot. Well, this kid has you beat, and he doesn’t even need an E-brake.

We’re not exactly sure who this kid is, how old he is, where this is, or any of the other answers to the requisite reporter questions. Well, except for “what.” The “what” is some impressive driving on the part of a child who won’t even be eligible for his license for more than a few years.

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It’s impressive to see anyone, regardless age, pull a reverse 180. It is even more impressive to see a kid like this perform that move without an E-brake. Combine those skills with the white helmet, and you have a potential future Stig-in-training.

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