Formula E Racer Runs A Electric Lap At Donington [Video]

If you thought this year’s F1 cars were quiet, wait until you get a load of this. It’s a Formula E racer — F1’s cleaner and greener cousin — taking a lap of Donington Park in the UK. During a race, Formula E racers put out 178 horsepower, or 268 horsepower depending on which mode they’re in. All that power is managed via a sequential gearbox that sends instant torque after every shift. No turbo lag here. PHOTOS: See More of the 2011 Rimac Concept One Admittedly, with a 1:26 lap time in the wet, it seems these cars are running a bit slower than standard F1 cars. Either way, it’s amazing how cool these Formula E cars are. Who knows, it might even be more popular than F1 one day.
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