Hackers Being Offered $10,000 to Hack a Tesla Model S

With the advent of in-car computing and connectivity, one big concern being voiced is the possibility of hackers accessing your car. Many automakers have their own standards for encryption compliance, but a security company is stepping things up by rewarding hackers for attempting to hack the Model S.

According to Carscoops, a competition is being organized at the SyScan conference in Beijing, July 16-17. This competition will feature hackers attempting to break the digital defenses of the Tesla Model S, and there is even a $10,000 prize involved.

Hackers Being Offered $10,000 to Hack a Tesla Model S

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This competition has not been sanctioned by Tesla (at least publicly), and the $10,000 prize comes from the organizers of the conference. Though this is unsanctioned, we do not believe there are any dubious intentions.

Hackers will have a Model S, a few computers, but the rest is really on the fly. We wonder if and how hackers might break into, and take over, a Model S, but we would also be curious to see how Tesla responds. The company is quite innovative, and might embrace these efforts rather than condemn them.

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In the meantime, consider this video from March on the potential vulnerabilities of the Model S:

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