Smart Reveals its 'Big' Plans for the Fortwo [w/Videos]

It’s safe to say Smart has big plans for its traditionally pint-sized city car. The firm’s newest generation of the Fortwo debuts on July 16, sporting a new architecture developed jointly with the Renault Twingo, which is expected to bring big improvements over the old model. How big? According to the latest viral promos from Smart…uh…very, very big.
RELATED: See Photos of the Smart Fortwo We’ll cut to the chase. No, Smart isn’t actually building Fortwo city cars the size of 18-wheelers, though after seeing these teasers, we kind of wish they were. Rather, the new Smart will build upon the previous model by offering drivers a small three-cylinder turbocharged engine, a tight turning circle, cutesy Twingo looks, and an expected electric drivetrain to come later.
‘Eco-Empathy’ and that new giant steering wheel probably wouldn’t have caught on anyway. VIDEO: Watch this Big Block V8 Smart Fortwo go Drag Racing