Ferrari California Test Drive Goes Horribly Wrong [w/video]

Most people have never even set foot inside a Ferrari, so when they finally do, they can understandably be a bit giddy. That giddiness can manifest itself into holding onto gears until redline, blipping the engine incessantly, or more spectacularly…gunning it right into a wall. That is exactly what one driver did on a recent Ferrari California test drive in the automaker's own hometown – Maranello, Italy. From what we can deduct, the Ferrari salesman upfront told the driver to turn left onto a side street, but neglected to say “don’t floor it.” The young man booted it mid-turn and the brand new California got a face full of bricks. RELATED: See Photos of the 2015 Ferrari California T
It’s safe to say these two won’t be added to Ferrari’s Corse Clienti ‘customer racing’ list. RELATED: Watch Top Gear race a Ferrari California against a Cadillac CTS-V