Tesla Model S Splits in Two Following High-Speed Crash

It's a pretty bad situation when your car it stolen. The best case scenario is that you get it back, but between that and never seeing your car again, there are plenty of possible outcomes. One nightmare scenario is when a car is stolen and the thief crashes said car– like what happened in LA last week.

In this case, the car wasn't stolen from an individual, rather snagged from a Tesla dealership (direct sales store?). The car was then involved in a high-speed chase that ended in West Hollywood. Authorities believe the car was traveling at speeds of over 100 mph when the all-electric Model S hit an oncoming Honda Civic. That would be scary enough, but you won’t believe what happens to the Tesla.

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Three of the five occupants of the Honda Civic were injured, and the operator of the Tesla was ejected from the Model S when it collided– splitting the Tesla in two!

Tesla Model S Splits in Two Following High-Speed Crash

According to Bloomberg, Tesla is working with local officials to investigate the crash. Quite unsurprisingly, Tesla has stated that it wants to investigate its own vehicle and see just what happened that led to it splitting in half. The driver/thief that was ejected was taken to the hospital in critical condition. His condition is unclear at this time.

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