Imperial Starport is the Best Method for Intergalactic Travel [Video]

This past weekend, many of you probably drove to a friend or family member’s for some sort of 4th of July celebration. Still some others may have had to travel quite far to get home, requiring air travel. If your journey home was even farther, the Imperial Starport might be the best method for you.

We’ll leave the jokes about the fact that this Imperial Starport is located in Germany. This fictional, Frankfurt-based starport would feature all manner of Star Wars universe vehicles. There are TIE-Fighters escorting Lambda shuttles, and AT-AT walkers, which we hope are used to transport passengers to the looming Battle Cruiser in the background. 

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Kudos to the YouTube user who posted this video. We’re not clear if he is the one that created this fun CGI tribute video, but it is a fun blending of sci-fi and reality.

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