Lexus' “Strobe” Commercial Is Strangely Captivating [Video]

Most car commercials are easy to brush off without a second thought. But Lexus did something pretty creative that we can’t stop watching for some reason. They took parkour, and made it into an artistic light show, all ending on top of a Lexus RC Coupe. The commercial, properly titled “Strobe,” mixes the street art of parkour with LED lights in a downtown area. It was created by CHI & Partners London and directed by Adam Berg from Stink Productions. PHOTOS: See More of the 2015 Lexus RC F Coupe It took 40 engineers six weeks to build these unique LED suits, lined with 1,680 light fixtures and a wireless control module. They were then suspended by cables over a city and made to look like they were in motion. Not to mention the catchy soundtrack. It’s a really unique idea; watch it below:
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