Moped-Wielding Tigerman is the Hero Finland Deserves [Video]

Action, adventure, and poorly thought out wheelies. That, and much more from Finland’s latest and greatest superhero — Tigerman. Taking to the countryside, Finland’s caped crusader shows off his unique set of skills, all while keeping us very entertained. Created by the crazies at StuntFreaksTeam, the Finnish group developed this hilariously not-so-super superhero that tears up backroads and tackles explosions all on his tiny little moped. That is, if he can keep his cape out of the back tire, and his ass on the bike. RELATED: See images and galleries of other motorcycle makes and models We hope there's much more to come from this new action hero. Watch it below:
(Ed note- does this remind anyone else of the critically acclaimed film "Hot Rod"? Just me? Ok.) Via: Jalopnik VIDEO: See more clips and videos of motorcycles