You Won't Believe the Price of the Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid

The Volkswagen XL1 is a game-changing vehicle. It is something of a supercar for the eco-minded, as it makes a visual statement backed by the latest green tech. The XL1 has been making the rounds for a while now, but it appears that this supremely green machine finally has a price– and it ain’t cheap!

The XL1 is a car with a mission– and though you might think its primary objective is the ultimate in fuel economy, we consider that second to its effort to make high-MPG driving sexy. The XL1 features carbon fiber body panels, elegant LED head and taillights, and dramatic gull-wing doors. It is a vehicle meant to make a statement, and it will also make that statement on the pricing sheet.

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You Won't Believe the Price of the Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid

The two-seat, hybrid-powered XL1 will come in at £98,515, which converts to a little under $169,000. For that you get a 1,750-pound car powered by an 800cc diesel engine, as part of a series hybrid drivetrain. The first of the 200 planned vehicles are being delivered in the UK, which makes just 68 horsepower and 103 pound feet of torque. The “1” in XL1 is not a reference to the displacement, but rather the idea that it can use only a one liter of fuel to travel an impressive 100 km or 261 mpg.

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You Won't Believe the Price of the Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid

That U.S. price and fuel economy is moot, however, as the XL1 is currently not allowed to be sold in America. It apparently does not meet airbag requirements, and the clever cameras that replace the un-aerodynamic side mirrors don’t meet U.S.-spec. So for now, we’ll have to scoff at folks dropping large sums of money on a car with less than 100hp from afar.

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Source: GreenCarReports