Rally Car Slides Off Course, Nearly Hits Crowd of Spectators [Video]

One of the main draws of rally racing is how close spectators can get to the action. Formula 1, you pay gobs money to show up to a race where you only see one turn, but if you are determined enough to trek out into the wilderness, you can catch all the action up close. But that access has its downside, as four spectators almost found out.

It is up for debate which form of motorsport is the most dangerous for drivers, but far and away rallying is the most harrowing for spectators. Want proof? Check out the video below:

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What you just saw transpired at a rally in Poland. The Citroen racer lost control attempting to carry a little too much speed through a turn, which then careened into the pile of cinder blocks, upon which several spectators were standing. The pile collapsed launching the race fans off. At the moment the driver and a spectator are at the hospital for remarkably minor injuries. 

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It's like NASCAR — the closer you get to the track, the cheaper the seats are. Just sayin'.