Pal-V One Is Part-Gyrocopter, Part-Motorcycle, All Awesome [Video]

As we showed you last week with the Airbus X3, we’re fans of any vehicle that appears to be smashing preconceived vehicle classifications and categories. It is why we like the latest batch of hybrid supercars, such as the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari. It is also why we like the latest take on the flying car; the PAL-V One, or "Personal Air and Land Vehicle."

Created by a Dutch company of the same name, it is effectively a gyrocopter with the requisite equipment to operate on open roads. But unlike a traditional gyrocopter, it uses new composite materials and a special mechanical-hydraulic rear suspension. This allows a typically high-riding vehicle to perform like an automobile or motorcycle.

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Powered by a certified aircraft engine, it can hit speeds of 112 mph on the road and in the air. The PAL-V One takes a mere 10 minutes to prep it for flight, and it flies below 4,000 feet, meaning you do not need an aircraft license. 

PAL-V is currently taking orders in its home country of the Netherlands, and the first models will be delivered in 2016. Other countries will be able to order this flying vehicle in the fall, and PAL-V is eyeing 150 units a year for production capacity.

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So how much will it all cost? According to AutoEvolution, the vehicle is going to cost $395,000, which is as much as a Lamborghini Aventador. But unlike the Lambo, which has styling inspired by the Stealth Fighter, the PAL-V One actually flies! Will this (finally) be the flying-car answer everyone wants to see? Only time will tell.