Aston Martin DP-100 Is a Fantastic, Digital Vision of a Future Supercar [w/Video]

All last week, Aston Martin was teasing enthusiasts from one end of the internet to the other with snippets of an all-new concept vehicle. We were expecting an all new concept car to appear live at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed, which occurred this past weekend. What we got was something very cool from Aston Martin, just not what we expected.

It is called the Aston Martin DP-100 concept, and it's a gorgeous, mid-engined supercar with hints of Aston’s history but on a whole new layout. There’s just one problem– it is entirely digital. Aston is just the latest automaker to think it's cool to just debut a completely fictional car and not make us envious.

Aston Martin DP-100 Is a Fantastic, Digital Vision of a Future Supercar [w/Video]

Cynicism aside, the DP-100 truly is a stunning car. The Aston-ness is rather subtle elements like the grille design and taillights. A twin-turbocharged V12 is mounted amidships, putting out 800 digital horses. 

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Here is what Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman had to say about the DP-100:

“DP-100 has been an exciting and intensive project for the team here at Gaydon. Features such as the car’s revolutionary ‘active aerodynamics’ are there not just as a way of enhancing form, but also to support the car’s function in-game. As with the CC100 Speedster Concept(*), many of the design cues visible in DP-100, such as the light blade rear lamps, could also feed through into future sports cars that we’ll launch in the offline world so the importance of this project should not be underestimated.”

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We’re definitely in the midst of a new trend, where automakers are proud of creating vaporware. We just hope that such a vehicle can come to fruition, even if one is actually built, it will be worth it. Watch the video below and tell us you wouldn't want to see one for real:

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