Viper Racing Team Looks to Past with New Red-and-White Livery [Video]

The new SRT Dodge Viper GTS-R racecars are certainly exciting vehicles to watch make the rounds ay many racetracks around the world, but the team has only experienced mixed success. Chrysler’s racing division is hoping to change all that with a new livery (racing-speak for paint job), that actually harken’s back to the Viper’s past.

The silver and blue that the Vipers have worn since 2012 is being swapped out for a bright red with two large, white racing stripes. That paint scheme has adorned the original Viper since the early days, and the racing team for nearly as long:

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According to Ralph Gilles, President and CEO of SRT Motorsports, the change was made for equal parts superstition and iconography. A #91 Viper wore the red and white when it won overall at the Rolex 24-Hour race in 2000. Folks know that paint scheme the moment they see it, and frankly if you want to win more, sometimes you have to change something up.

We love the nod to history with this livery, and with all of the new paint schemes that are quite busy and anonymous, more teams could learn from Dodge– at least when it comes to style. The new/old-look Viper is racing as we speak at Watkins Glen in Upstate NY. Oh, and did we mention it's wearing a Dodge badge again?

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