Not what you would normally expect from well-known Ford performance tuner, Roush. With the running gear, box frame and suspension sourced from a Ford F150 series truck, Roush has designed, developed and built this custom made vehicle for Turkish-based, Kurt Systems – a world leader in racehorse and camel training equipment.

The Kurt equine trainer is powered by a Volvo 2.4-liter, five-cylinder diesel engine, automatic gearbox and equipped with computerised heart, blood, oxygen and fitness monitors, electronically controlled reins and a range of precision hydraulically controlled accessories, such as a silicone saddle to simulate jockey weights.

Roush Executive Chairman, Andrew Williams says, “The Kurt equine trainer programme is an unusual but powerful example of the diverse engineering capability which exists within our company. Here is a commissioned project for an overseas-based world leader in its field, coming to Roush for its ability to follow through a concept upwards development, through to pre-production product maturity. The project needed to draw from our extensive automotive and specialist vehicle experience – but combined with systems integration knowledge at the most sophisticated level”.

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