Watch The Hennessey Corvette HPE700 Turn Tires Into Smoke [Video]

The seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette is one bad machine. It is improved over its predecessor and proven that an American car company can build a world-class performance machine. Suck it, world. But some crazy Americans thought it wasn’t bad enough, and those crazy Americans are the folks at Hennessey. So here's what they did about it.

The HPE700 upgrade for the Corvette is more than just strapping on a supercharger. It's a comprehensive working over of the Corvette from top to bottom, and this is the result:

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When Texas-based tuners Hennessy employ the HPE700 upgrade, they fit the Corvette with high flow cylinder heads, custom camshaft, upgraded air induction system, HPE engine management calibration, and it even has a warranty, which is something you won’t get with a lot of tunes. Oh, and the piece de resistance is the supercharger, of course, which knocks output up to 700 horsepower.

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