Hackers Stealing Credit Card Data from Car Washes

 With the advent of the integration of technology and connectivity into new cars, many have asked if your car is safe from hackers. But there are other areas in which your personal information may not be secure when out running errands.

How often do you wash your car at one of those automated car washes? Of those times, how often do you feed a $10 bill (or more) into the machine? What’s that? You use your card? Well according to a report, there is a decent chance that card is vulnerable to having its data stolen while at one of these automated washes.

According to the report from an outlet called Krebs on Security, the Conneticut Financial Times Task Force and United States Secret Service have identified 40 car washes across the Nutmeg State have been hacked since February of this year. When criminals hack a car wash, they are not trying to mess up your day by adding a second wax cycle. They are coming for your credit card data.

Hackers Stealing Credit Card Data from Car Washes

Once the data is obtained by hackers it can either be used to directly make fraudulent purchases, or the information is sold off to other parties with less-than-ideal intentions.

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According to the report, all the targeted car washes use an aging security software called pcAnywhere. The company that makes it, Micrologic, has urged any company that uses its system to move to one of their newer systems. In the mean time, we suggest you wash your car the old-fashioned way– hose and sponge in your driveway!