Evan Turner's Ferrari Ran Out of Gas on the Highway

Here it is. Proof that even famous celebrities have car troubles, although to be fair, getting stranded on the hard shoulder is a bit more glamorous when you’re doing it in a sleek Italian sports car. Indiana Pacers forward Evan Turner found himself stuck on the side of a busy highway after his Ferrari California ran dry of the drink – 4.3-liter V8’s don’t exactly sip fuel. Luckily for him and his girlfriend, Turner called on his old Ohio State teammate P.J. Hill for help. RELATED: Check out the all-new 2014 Ferrari California T http://instagram.com/p/pmm3YLSzW3 Hill came to the rescue, but wasn’t about to let Turner live down the situation. Check out Hill’s recording of Turner trying to work the gas can. In his defense, the spring-loaded nozzles are a bit of a pain. RELATED: See photos of the Gas Monkey Garage Ferrari F40 Source: Deadspin