Take a Look Inside Ken Block’s Hoonigan HQ [Video]

Taking a look inside the mind of Ken Block might reveal answers to some of the world’s greatest mysteries. How big is the hooniverse? Do hoonicorns really exist? Sadly, we can’t see into that noggin, but thanks to Ford Racing’s prying eyes, we can tour the next best thing. His office. Take a look at this guided tour through Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD) headquarters, located in Park City, Utah. It’s got everything for the biggest Block fans – from yet-to-be-released toys, Block’s personal race suits, refrigerators stocked with Monster, and even a giant stuffed bear. RELATED: Check out Ken Block's 2014 Ford Fiesta RS rally car
But we were a bit more enthralled with Block’s extensive car collection. The highest-ranking hoonigan stores his performance whips in a service bay, located beneath his office veranda, which include Block’s Fiesta ST rally cars, RaptorTRAX truck, and all of his personal vehicles. Even more alluring, there’s an equally large bay that we can’t see that contains top-secret projects. Sneak a peak for yourselves. RELATED: See photos of Ken Block's famous 2012 Ford Fiesta RS WRC car