Fiat Tries to Target Millennials With New Ads, Fails Miserably [w/Video]

“Any advertising is good advertising,” the old adage goes. But when is advertising for a good car so obnoxious that it’s actually bad advertising? Whenever Fiat tries to target its millennial audience, that’s when. Fiat’s new ad campaign is called “Endless Fun,” and it’s anything but. It’s essentially a Tumblr account and YouTube videos filled with horribly outdated memes, .gifs that don’t make any sense, and a bunch of guys wearing horse masks and looking like a-holes. PHOTOS: See More of the Fiat 500C Abarth Apparently that’s what Fiat thinks “millennial" buyers will be into. And as a “millennial” buyer — they’re not even close. Here’s one of their videos that sums up the whole ridiculousness of it all:
We know, it’s bad. Well the man in charge of all this horrible idea was Chrysler chief marketing officer, Olivier Francois, who said in a recent interview that “The ‘Endless Fun’ campaign is one that only Fiat could do. This is how marketing and pop culture meet.” Sure it is. Gif’s in commercials and seven year old memes just aren’t the way to go if you want young buyers to get in your cars. We miss the days of Catrinel Menghia...sigh. PHOTOS: See More of the 2013 Fiat 500e