Helmet-Cam Footage of F/A-18 Pre-Flight Check is Incredible [Videos]

It happens in a split-second — the pit crew for a Formula 1 team is one of the most coordinated teams we can think of. The precision in an F1 pit stop makes a NASCAR pit stop look like Biff at your local Jiffy Lube trying to perform an oil change. But there are pit crews and support teams out there that deserve just as much of our attention, if not more.

The video you see here is a helmet cam of a deck handler on the USS George H.W. Bush performing the Slot Check. It is a once-over of the plane– in this case a F/A-18 Hornet– before it is shot off the flight deck at 200 mph via a steam powered catapult. It is one of the most crucial parts of pre-flight, as they look for anything that could possibly go wrong and endanger the flight:

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It is amazing to see how these men and women work in unison, not to mention how close they get to the business end of that F/A-18! Here is another example of a support team hard at work. This is an incredible pit stop by the Ferrari F1 team at the 2013 Melborne Grand Prix:

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So, who ya got? US Navy, or an F1 pit crew? You tell us in the comments below…

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