Rally Drivers in Spain Make Amazing Two-Wheeled Recovery [video]

Many will argue that the best drivers in the world are in Formula 1. Sure, they are skilled at piloting the most advanced automobiles the world has ever seen, but their work environment is rather sterile compared to the office of a rally driver.

Where the F1 cars take to a pristine track, devoid of nearly any imperfection, the rally driver encounters all manner of hazard. For one, the spectators are right down on the course, and the material that you are driving on changes nearly every 100 feet. 

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Then there is the uneven ground, which could prop you up on two wheels, because physics. That's what happened to the driver (and co-driver) of this Suzuki Swift race car at a rally in Galicia, Spain. It is what you do up in that position that defines what kind of driver you are:

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An incredible recover like this just goes to show you how incredibly skilled rally drivers are. Here it is from another angle:

Source: Sploid

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