Check Out the High-Tech Cockpit of the World's First 1,000-MPH Supersonic Car [Video]

How does one achieve 1,000 mph in a vehicle that is not designed to take flight? With a heluva lot of power, the best automotive tech in the world, and a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque, that's how. The latter has been the hallmark of many supercars of late, and is the common bond between them and the Bloodhound Supersonic Car.

The Bloodhound SSC aims to be the world’s first 1,000-mph vehicle, smashing any land speed records if successful. One key component of that is the cockpit from where the driver, Andy Green, will attempt to keep the cruise-missile-on-wheels under control. In addition to protecting the driver, the ultra-strong carbon fiber unit is the centerpiece to which the other drive components are fixed. Watch him explain the design here:

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And to control it all, he’ll need an advanced cockpit, which he explains here:

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There are some elements of the car that are familiar, like the double wishbone engine design, or that there is a Formula 1 race V8 under the aerodynamic body work, but that’s where the similarities stop. The V8 is not there to propel the car, but basically a high-powered fuel pump for the jet engine, which should produce somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 horsepower. We’ll be sure to bring you more on the Bloodhound as it prepares to make history.

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