Racing-Only Footage of "Le Mans" is the Best Way to Watch [videos]

When it comes to auto racing, there is LeMans, and there is everything else. The harrowing 25-hour endurance race has become something of a religious pilgrimage for die-hard racing enthusiasts, and inspired one of the greatest racing movies of all time, Le Mans. Considering the 2014 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is this weekend, it is a perfect time to bring up this film.

The Steve McQueen film has become a bit of car-guy lore, and to this day, any vehicle that has the blue and orange Gulf racing livery on it will catch the eye of an enthusiast. Le Mans is great for a few reasons. For one, there is very little plot outside of the racing. Real footage from the 1970 edition of the race was used, and in true Avant-garde fashion, there is minimal dialogue– just an emphasis on the racing.

But what if you didn’t even care for the very few scenes with dialogue, and wanted to only watch the driving scenes? Some intrepid YouTuber put together such a video, which is perfect to get you in the mood to watch the race. It is broken up into two videos:

And here is part 2:

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SciFi fans love Avatar because it transports you to a world that you can not visit. This film offers that same effect for car fans. It transports you from the sterile, and efficiency-focused world of modern racing to a time when the best cars in the world were not hybrids, and track at Le Mans did not have safety measures to slow the cars down. This was arguably the most insane era for racing, and thanks to the Steve McQueen film, we can watch this era of racing as many times as we like.

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