Dutch Designers Build Go-Kart for Goldfish Tank that It Can Actually Steer! [Video]

Fish on Wheels may seem like the latest and greatest seafood delivery service, but it is far more whimsical and high tech. A Dutch design studio thought their office goldfish was spending too much time in the same place, so they built the fish its very own cart– that the fish can control!

The design studio is called Diip and they are clearly a creative group. The fish tank has been placed on a four-wheel electric cart that bears a resemblance to an R/C car. A camera looks down through the water and, in unison with an Arduino Processor, determines the fish’s position in the tank. 

The camera and processor are tied to a BeagleBoard computer which handles controls of the moving components, including the direction of the wheels and the electric motor. If the fish swims forward in the tank, the cart moves forward. If it moves forward and to the right, it will go forward and to the right. You get the idea:

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But we’re not sure if the fish gets the idea. We’re pretty certain that a goldfish is not smart enough to understand what it going on, as its functions are pretty limited. Now it can add “moving its own tank,” to the typical list of goldfish activities, which include eating and swimming in its own filth. 

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Source: Dvice