UK's "Wind Up" Still World's Smallest Roadworthy Automobile

If you are an automotive enthusiast, you probably love hyperbole. Fastest, most powerful, or most expensive are all terms that you are likely drawn to. But there are other superlatives that mark the automotive world– and one such is that of “smallest road-worthy car in the world.”

It is called the “Wind Up,” and was created by Perry Watkins of the United Kingdom. Watkins created the diminutive vehicle out of a Postman Pat coin-operated children's ride, taking him seven months to build.

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UK's "Wind Up" Still World's Smallest Roadworthy Automobile

After completion, the car was measured at 41 inches high, 26 inches wide and 52 inches long. Despite this, it has all equipment such as head and taillights, turn signals, wiper blades, conforming to UK road safety regulations. 

The car was officially measured on May 8, 2009, at Wingrave, UK. The fact that the vehicle is still a record holder more than five years later is a credit to the incredible design and craftsmanship of Watkins’s wonderfully tiny ride!

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