When Inflatable Rafts Take Flight [Video]

Being king-of-the-lake is a big deal. The unofficial title almost always goes to the guy with the biggest motorboat, fastest speedboat, or swankiest yacht, but we think this Russian duo just created a new category for the crown. Biggest air. Check out this clip of a Russian jet-skier absolutely hauling-ass to lift this inflatable raft out of the water and well into the sky. Move over Russian dashcams, there’s a new act in town. RELATED: See photos of Russia's iconic off-roader, the Lada Niva
We’re not sure this inflatable raft, known as the “Manta Ray”, is exactly designed for jet-ski use, but inflatable flyers like this have been banned on many US waterways in relation to their high-risk of injury. Hmmm, we can’t imagine why. Thankfully, this fellow lands in one piece. RELATED: Check out this compilation of Russian dashcam footage