California Brings Back 1963-69 Black-and-Yellow License Plates

One of the many reasons classic car lovers appreciate California so much is that the dry, sunny weather preserves cars for many years. But there is another thing that aficionados love about CA classics– the vintage black and yellow license plates.

Not many of those plates survived, and in many cases, the could only be used as display plates, so the best place to find the old-school plates were the old photos and museums– until now. According to LA Weekly, California state assemblyman Mike Gatto proposed and successfully passed a bill that would allow the recreation of the black and gold 1963-1969 plates.

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Here is the statement from Gatto’s office: “According to the DMV, the black plates, which were originally issued from 1963-1969, were among the fastest specialty plates ever to achieve the 7,500 applications necessary to be issued. The Department has therefore begun preparing for the issuance of the plates and expects to begin sending them in the months ahead to those who pre-ordered.”

California Brings Back 1963-69 Black-and-Yellow License Plates

Following this initial success, Gatto and others hope that this interest with vintage plates spread to other historic CA plates, such as the yellow plates of the 1950s or the blue plates of the 1960s. We wonder if this will cause confusion with the CHP, but frankly we’re more concerned with how great the black and yellow plate will look on some lucky owner’s Shelby Cobra!

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