How-To Video Can Turn Anyone Into a Car Review Host

With lowering costs for better and better camera equipment, we are nearing the point when anyone can be an automotive videographer. With a camera like the GoPro Hero, we have all but reached that point. But lowering costs for equipment does not guarantee a quality video, so how do you stand apart from the rest?

A YouTube channel called “Typical Enthusiast” has provided a how-to guide for using mounted GoPro cameras to shoot a test drive video. They used a 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, but your vehicle options may vary– the lesson is interchangeable:

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What’s interesting about most of the exterior angles is that they do very little to show the details of the car, yet are useful and are employed in many current video test drives. The interior Angle 11 is the most useful for hosting videos where you will be speaking into the camera. If you are trying to start a video test drive product or just want to make some fun YouTube videos with your friends, this video is a great resource.

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