"Automatic" App Prevents Distracted Driving, Could Save Your Life

It is the great paradox of the future of driving. Regulators are in the pursuit of a world where there are no accidents, yet we are bringing our mobile, connected life into the car more than ever. These two trends obviously are incongruous. So how is this reconciled?

Automatic is an app for iOS and Android that is meant to reduce distracted driving and improve driver safety in a number of ways. First off- it prevents pop-up alerts for calls and texts from showing up. It keeps these off your phone’s screen so you are not tempted to check. It can also send a response text letting the person on the other end know that you are driving.

"Automatic" App Prevents Distracted Driving, Could Save Your Life

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iOS smartphones already have a Do Not Disturb mode, which can do roughly the same, but Automatic takes things a step further. It can determine if you have been in an accident, and alert the authorities even if you are unable to reach your phone in the event of a crash. Additionally, there is a sensor that you plug into the ODB that is able to measure and report all sorts of data on the vehicle, presenting it in a way that is helpful to the driver.

The system can even automatically alert a next-of-kin. There are similar features in systems like GM’s OnStar, but few– if any– apps combine these various features into one comprehensive app that will make parents, as well as safety regulators, quite happy.

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